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Hello, I'm Louise Victoria (LV) and thanks for visiting my blog.

I started this blog to fill the gap between leaving university and starting a graduate scheme. Nearly two years later, with a few hiatuses, here I am! 

I'm in my mid-twenties, work as a digital outreach consultant and live in Brighton with my boyfriend. My days (after work) are spent trying out new recipes, reading blogs and watching Netflixs (currently Peep Show, Homeland and Pretty Little Liars) and my weekends are spent exploring Brighton, shopping for new threads and ...watching Netflixs.  

In between my very busy schedule, I fit in a bit of blogging. LV In Love With is a space where I talk beauty, fashion and other lifestyle bits. Hope you enjoy browsing!

Twitter: @lvinlovewith

LV x

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  1. Hey lovely, I'd like to subscribe to your blog but I can't find a button to do so anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction? :) x


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