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Learning To Love My Smile

Let me tell you a little story about a girl and her relationship with her teeth. Yup. Probably not the sexiest of stories but you're here now so you might as well read on. Oh..spoiler alert, the girl is me. 

I grew up with a good set of teeth on me, no fillings as a kid and I always left the dentist happy and with my obligatory cheesy sticker. But then puberty happened (for me, awkwardly young but that's for another post) and along with dodgy skin, erratic moods and an uncomfortable trip to the M&S bra fitter, came wonky teeth. My teeth seemingly decided one day that being straight wasn't for them and they wanted to try a different angle. Trouble was, each tooth decided to try a different angle from the other - and my young smile was left looking like an absolute trainwreck.  

I then spent about 4 years learning how to smile with my mouth shut. I never mastered it, and basically ended up looking miserable and awkward (more so than a girl does naturally during puberty). I couldn't wait to get braces and after about 2 years of traintracks I had that magical moment where I finally had straight teeth. It was beautiful....and only lasted for a few years because stupid past Louise decided that wearing her retainer wasn't necessary. 18-year-olds are idiots. 

Anyway, this brings us to now. I'm not a big fan of my teeth, all I see when I look at them is wonkiness. I've looked at those fancy clear braces but they are just far too expensive, so when Enlighten got in touch to see whether I'd be interested in some professional whitening I jumped at the chance. 
Enlighten is a whitening course which is done mostly at home, with a tray and a course of whitening gel, and takes just over a month. You begin with a dentist appointment where you get a mold for your tray fitted. Your tray is what you'll wear at night with the whitening gel inside, and it's basically like a clear and thinner gum shield. The mold is done in the same way you'd get a gum shield, with that funky sticky gummy stuff being pushed around your teeth. It's not a fun experience but it's not bad in any way. These impressions are then sent away for your tray to be made and takes about 3 weeks. This 

My nearest dentist that used Enlighten whitening was Causeway Dental Practice in Horsham, but you can find your nearest practice on the Enlighten website. In total, you go for three appointments - the first is to get the impression done of your teeth which is used to make the tray, the second is to pick up the tray and go through how the process works and the third is after you've completed your at-home whitening where you have a final blast of whitening at the dentist. 

Before the treatment began, the dentist matched up my teeth to where they currently were on the white scale. I was actually quite surprised, but they were actually just a few shades away from the whitest. I was told that potentially I may not see that much of a difference, but you can see from the after shots that there was a definite improvement in whiteness - which I was really pleased with. 

The whole process was very simple, you are given two different tubes of whitening gel (one slightly stronger than the other) and every night you fill your tray with a little of the gel and wear it overnight. It's quite a strange feeling at first but I got used to it very quickly. In the morning you just rinse out your tray and brush your teeth like normal (you actually get a special tooth paste as well that is helpful for any sensitivity). You can eat and drink what you like, but it's recommended that you don't have things like black coffee and red wine so I tried to stay away from them. 
The dentist did warn me that over the two weeks I could experience some sensitivity, which I did on the last couple of days, but there are some handy 'sticks' included in the kit that contain a special gel that treats that well. 

All in all I was really impressed with the treatment and would recommend it if anyone was looking for whitening. It isn't cheap, at £700, but as in the UK we don't have options like Crest White Stripes (like in the US) then it really is the most effective route to go down for a whiter smile. 

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