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Spring Is Here (kinda)

So this weekend the clocks went forward, the start of spring right? Well not if these photos are anything to go by. To give the great British weather its dues, these were taken a week or so ago - so technically it wasn't spring - but my god it was chilly (and windy and misty)!

To give a mini life update on me - two big things, I've had an offer accepted on a flat and I'm going on holiday to Miami next week! It's been a mad few weeks and there's been some stress-induced tears to do with the flat, but (touch wood) everything seems to be going ok and I should be able to have a bit of a break next week in the Florida sunshine. So this means, in the short term look out for Instagram updates from Miami and in the long term, check back for interiors and house updates on the blog. 
So because buying a flat is an expensive business (who knew?!) I've been on a swift spending ban which is a bit of a nightmare when you like clothes as much as me. It's been tough, but I've had to make myself fall in love again with the clothes I already own and I've learnt that accessories are key. That's why I was thrilled when Thomas Sabo got in touch to offer up a couple of their pieces to style - just two little accessories have made my (quite well worn) outfit feel new again. Both the rose gold hoop earrings and the evil eye rose gold necklace have delicate touches of sparkle that I really love - even on a murky day they were catching the light beautifully. Paired with my favourite Whistles leather jacket and Topshop floral wrap top (which just snuck in before the spending ban), I felt like I was wearing a whole new outfit for the season. 

Talking about the murky day, big shout out to my lovely friend Kitty who took these beautiful photos in the freezing cold - I've never seen such dedication to the perfect shot! She's immensely talented and you can see her work on her Instagram (@kittywshaw) and website
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