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Oh Hey 2017

This time last year, I thought I was going to be buying a flat in a matter of weeks with my then boyfriend. Seeing as I've just described him as my 'then boyfriend', no prizes for guessing that that didn't quite work out. It meant that I spent the beginning of 2016 basically freaking out about what the hell I was doing with my life. 

I sulked off back home to my mum's, cried at work (embarrassing), didn't eat for about two weeks (which for me, is unheard of - food is the best) and thought I'd have to start from scratch. I thought I'd have to leave Brighton (I'd moved with my boyfriend, knowing pretty much no one), leave my job which I loved and have to bankrupt myself again by moving to London (no offence London, but you are hella expensive). 

But here I am in January 2017, still in Brighton, still at my job (with a promotion under my belt), living in a beautiful house with beautiful housemates, surrounded by more people that care for me than I could have thought possible 12 months ago. In March I will have lived in Brighton for two years, but really I think I only properly started living here the day I moved into my new house. Without sounding too wanky, I've actually felt myself these past 12 months - and I'd kinda forgotten what that felt like. 

Last year, I may have neglected my blog a little but I was putting myself back together one little bit at a time. I travelled to new places, climbed a mountain in Bali, drank delicious red wine in Tuscany, took my mum to her first Airbnb in Lisbon, made a bunch of amazing friends, went on Tinder and didn't hate it (seriously!), saw some of my favourite artists play live, got a promotion at work, starting looking for flats to buy of my own, got fit and started running (and actually liked it) and just had a blast. 

They say you get older and wiser, but by no means am I wise. I frequently go to bed with my make-up on, think it's an excellent idea to drink and text and don't read nearly enough books. However, a series of ups and downs over the years has made me realise that I can deal with a lot more shit than I'd previously thought. So 2017, I am so ready for you. 

Coat - M&S // Jumper - White Company // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Aldo

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