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The Day I De-Cluttered

First off, a little context. I don't think I'm a particularly untidy person, but I do tend to put things away in drawers and then...maybe forget I even own them. Reading a lot of blogs, there always seems to be something new to try or a new trend to wear and although with age I'm trying to be a little bit more savvy - it's hard not end up buying lots and lots of stuff! So I'm left with a situation where I have a wardrobe full of clothes (along with a few suitcases and bags also bursting at the seams) and drawers and drawers full of make-up and skincare. 

So when I was asked whether I'd like some professional help with decluttering, I was pretty darn excited! A few weeks ago, Dr Liz Forrester (who specialises in 'hoarders') came round to my flat to help me sort through my clutter. It was perfect timing as I'd just started reading Marie Kondo's book and I was soon to be moving flats. The process was actually quite fun, and I felt a lot better afterwards - it's really quite cathartic, getting rid of things you don't need. 

Here are the key things that I learnt from Dr Liz, hopefully her tips and tricks will help you de-clutter too!

When did you last use it?

Such a simple question, and perhaps quite an obvious one - but I've found myself often making excuses for things that I just haven't used: 'I haven't worn it because it doesn't fit, but I'll slim into it' or 'I spent £30 on that foundation (that is about three times too dark) - I'll just fake tan until I match the foundation'. I'd then just put that item back in my wardrobe or drawers..and still not use it. This is the part you actually have to be quite ruthless in - if you haven't used in in the last 6 months, bin it. 

Don't churn

Dr Liz recommends that you only handle an item once, so you don't put it in your 'maybe' pile, then your 'no' pile and then actually decide you can't be parted with it. Basically, pick something up, decide what you want to do with it and stick to that decision!

Ebaying? Package it all up now

This was a super clever tip - there's bound to be a pile of things that you want to sell on and once you've decided you should package them up straight away. Make a little note on the package as to what is inside, then as soon as the item sells you can send it off straight away. 

Throw away then and there

At the end of your de-cluttering session you'll most likely have a good amount of things that you'll be getting rid of. Don't make the mistake of sitting (not literally) on these items for days and days, rather make sure you deal with those items straight away. If you're anything like me, if you don't act fast you might end up convincing yourself not to throw certain bits away!

LV x

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