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How To Take More 'Me Time'

Ok so the phrase 'me time' may be a little cheesy, but it does what it says on the tin - taking some time to be indulgently selfish and focus on yourself. After a few rocky weeks, I've needed this more that ever but what with work, commuting, life admin etc it can easily get pushed to the wayside. However I'm really making an effort to introduce more 'me time' into my life - here are a few thoughts and tips on how you can do it yourself. 

Find your 'me time' style

Taking some time out for yourself doesn't need to be a certain thing, for me it can be something quite aesthetic (and cliche) like putting on a face mask for 15 mins or it could be taking an hour to sort through my clothes. To me, it's anything that is only for your benefit. Sometimes my 'me time' can manifest itself as life admin, but I don't mind! Sorting out paper work or scheduling some tweets for my blog will make me calmer and happier, so it works for me. 

Start small

If the thought of dedicating an evening all to yourself fills you with dread, then just start small. Just 10 minutes to read a few pages of a book makes me feel a lot calmer and happier, just the act of taking yourself away from your day-to-day can make a huge difference. 

Try to focus on one thing

By this, I basically mean - turn off your phone. I'm terrible at constantly checking my phone (god knows what I'm expecting to be happening on it!) so whenever I'm taking some 'me time' I try and turn it off. At first it's mildly terrifying but eventually it does make me feel much calmer and more focused.  

Treat yourself

Treating yourself just feels great. If you're treating yourself to 'me time' why not go all out and treat yourself to a new book or new nail varnish. It doesn't need to cost a fortune, the other day I had my own manicures and macarons night (such a blogger cliche I know) - the nail varnishes were all ones I already owned but the macarons were just an extra special touch. These Brioche Pasquier macarons where only £12.99 for 36 (obviously I didn't have them all in one night...) and they just made things feel a little more special. 
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