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Why It's Ok Not To Be A Full Time Blogger

If you read my last post you would now know that I love reading people's resolutions and goals for 2016. I love getting a peak into what drives people and, specifically, what other bloggers are striving for in the next 366 days (yay, leap year). In amongst the willingness to get fit, learn a new skill or travel more there is a running theme: bloggers wanting to blog more, blog better and blog more successfully. I, myself, made a resolution to myself that I wanted to stick to a blogging schedule.

It's amazing and inspiring to see people pushing themselves to achieve more within this community that is so full of opportunity, but it seems more and more that with subsequent success comes the blog post announcing that 'xyz' blogger is making the leap to go full time. Which is bloody awesome let me tell you! I'm lucky enough to often work with bloggers for my job and the full-timers that I've come into contact with are full of drive, creativity and professionalism. However it sometimes makes me feel that I'm so how missing out on something, being a small blogger plugging away whilst also doing a 9-5 - that perhaps unless you're able to blog full-time then you're not really 'part' of it.

Well, I know I'm wrong. This is just one of those annoying niggles that get stuck in my head and knocks my confidence on bad days (we all have those right?). I know that being a part-time blogger is just an awesome as being a full-time blogger, it's just a different beast. Hence why I've decided to list out the reasons why it's actually ok to be a part-timer. OK, here we go.

Your hobby can stay your hobby

We all started blogging because we enjoyed it, why would we do it otherwise? Earning a living from your hobby doesn't necessarily mean you're going to fall out of love with it - but mixing work with pleasure can often muddle things. As a part-time blogger, you can embrace the fact that you are writing, creating and producing purely because you love it.

You don't have money pressures

Although it can often feel like full-time bloggers are living the high-life (which I'm sure some of them are) it must be hard to not be 100% sure of your income each month. That pressure to be able to pay your bills must be, at times, be quite scary. Plus, according to Twitter, some brands and agencies are pretty shoddy at actually paying invoices (which must be a pain in the ass!). Taking money out of the equation means that if your followers drop or you fail to stick to your blogging schedule, you don't have to worry that this might jeopardise that brand collaboration which was going to pay this month's rent.

There's less of a reason to compare yourself

I'm not going to lie, I compare myself to other bloggers - regardless of the fact I'm a part-time blogger. However when blogging is your livelihood, how tough must it be to see another blogger secure some awesome brand work which you think you would have been great for? Or over-take you in the follower count? As I feel like I'm not in direct competition with other bloggers for work, I feel like I can take inspiration from when other do well rather than feeling like I'm not doing something right.

You can try things out without fear

Trying a new photography style or branching out with your content is all part of the fun of blogging - trying something out and seeing if it works. If it doesn't, no worries! Without the pressure of having to prove growth and engagement from your readers, you have the freedom give something a go and experiment with your style.

Sorry for rambling on so much! I hope this all came across ok, I'm conscious to point out that I love full-time bloggers and part-time bloggers alike and neither is a 'better' way of blogging. I just thought I'd put done some things that I appreciate about part-time blogging.

Awesome Part-time Bloggers

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