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My 2016 Resolutions

Here we go, another resolutions post. I don't know about you though, but I do love hearing what everyones goals are for the new year. Guess that's the nosy Parker in me! 2015 has been full of newness - new flat, new city, new job - and although this trend will continue in 2016 (I'm bloody buying a flat!) I'd like this year to be the year that I feel fully settled. With that as an overriding goal, I've also got a few other little aims that I'll be focusing on this year. 

Track my spending
As I buy (pretty much) everything on card, I do find that sometimes I can look at my bank balance at the end of the month and not really know where it all went! This year, I'm going to try and note down exactly what I buy and then - hopefully - be able to work out what I can cut back on. 

Stick to a blogging schedule
Such a cliche goal for a someone that blogs, but I do love to be super organised and often I find that my blogging style is a little slapdash (much to my panicked dismay). So I've already downloaded this handy blogger schedule which I'm going to customise myself, and so far - it's going quite well!

Take up some new hobbies
I'm very much lacking in hobbies (god, that makes me sound super dull) so I'd love for 2016 to be the year where I getting a bit more skilled in...things! On my list is yoga, calligraphy and some home DIY. 

Cook more things
I love cooking but I sometimes get stuck in a little bit of a recipe rut, just doing the same ones over and over again. I got a new Anna Jones cookbook for Christmas, so I'm going to try and do as many recipes as possible! I also want to nail bread-making because, carbs. 

Make and nurture more friendships
This is a little hard one for me to write, mainly because it makes me sound a bit lame, but I've never really been one to have a huge friendship group. Blogging has helped massively with making more friends, however I can sometimes scare myself off nurturing these burgeoning friendships into anything more. I'm really keen to change this this year. 

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