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DIY Printed Christmas Wrapping

Only two sleeps to go until the big day and I've just about finished wrapping all my presents - just! I've currently got FONHEP (fear of not having enough presents) so I've sent my boyfriend on some emergency Christmas errands - but for the most part, everything is sorted. Although my wrapping may not be Pinterest-worthy, I just wanted to share with you how I'm 'styling' my Christmas presents this year. 

I basically just ransacked Tiger for all my wrapping and little extras (like string and tags) - it's pretty cheap and has a nice range. I also picked up some silver sequin ribbon (not shown in the pictures) which I used instead of string - it's great for people who like a bit of sparkle. I used brown paper last year because it's not too pricey and I think has a nice vintage feel, however this year I wanted my wrapping to be a little more festive. 

I picked up a handy white paint pen which is what I've used to decorate the wrapping. I'm not super artsy, but even for me it was pretty easy to create cute patterns. Obviously, if you're more talented than me you can go all out with your patterns, but for me snowflakes, polka dots and stars were enough.   

Obviously while wrapping I had to set the mood and The White Company's Winter fragrance is just perfect. The candle fills the room with the best festive scent and could turn even the Scrooge-iest of people onto Christmas. I'm going to be lighting this tonight, finishing the icing on the Christmas cake and watching bad TV - bliss. 
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