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Stripes & Neckerchiefs

Why hello there. Welcome to be redesigned (again) blog. I had a little change of heart with my last design and opted for something a little more traditional. I just wasn't ready to let go of the right-hand sidebar. Hopefully you like it and it's nice to use!

A kind of nod to the 70s for this post - I can't be without my shearling denim jacket now, it's just the snuggliest thing! I've also been waiting for the perfect outfit to wear my neckerchief with (without looking like an air hostess) and I think it goes pretty well with the stripes. In other wardrobe news, I've finally found a fedora that I like! This one is from Miss Selfridge and, if your the owner of a larger-than-normal head, I'd recommend checking them out. 
I've been wearing just one necklace recently, my Create Your Own necklace from Orelia. It's a lovely idea from them where you can pick out your own charms and necklace to create something unique to you. I went for a couple of gold charms mixed in with a marble stone and 'evil eye'. I'm such a sucker for accessories at the moment, I'm already eyeing up the other charms I can add to it!

Oh and just to say, these photos are the first blog photos I've taken with my new camera - the blog camera, Olympus Pen E-PL7. I'm sure I'll write a full post on it soon, but for now I'll just say - I'm impressed!

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