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How To Make Your Home More 'Hygge'

A couple of years ago I visited Copenhagen for the first time and pretty much fell in love. I'm quite a homebird so it takes a lot for me to stay I'd live somewhere other than England, but Copenhagen is one of those places where I think I'd be very happy.

It was there that I heard about 'hygge'. It doesn't actually have a direct english translation, but it's basically cosiness. Once winter hits Denmark there's not a huge amount of daylight, so the emphasis is on making your home as cosy and welcoming as possible. For a homebird like me, that's something that really appeals! So here are some easy things you can do to make your home that little bit more 'hygge', I'll certainly be embracing it this season!
Faux Fur
Long gone are the days when faux fur in your home was just reserved for WAGs, the Scandi's (who let's face it, can make anything look chic) effortlessly use faux fur to add some much needed warmth into their home in the colder months. Nothing really beats sinking your toes into a soft fur rug, so just having that by your bed or sofa is a super quick way of injecting a slice of cosiness into a room. If you're workspace is feeling a little chilly, popping a faux rug on your chair will mean that you might never want to leave your desk (..well maybe!).  

One of the cheapest ways to bring 'hygge' into your home - candles, candles everywhere! Whether it's dainty tea lights or large candles in lanterns, the soft flickering glow of candlelight will pretty much instantly creating a relaxing atmosphere. I love the look of lots of candles grouped together, perfect for an empty fireplace. 
My sofa is never without a throw (or three) but in the winter they are perfect for creating a snuggly little hideaway when the weather outside is grisly. Chunky knitted throws are great for adding some texture and can look great on both a sofa or your bed. If you're decor is more on the plain side, a bright colour or pattern can add some lovely warmth to your room. 

Fairy lights aren't just for teenagers, you can add a pretty line of lights to your bedroom, living room or even kitchen for a touch atmospheric sparkle. The range of lights out there is great, from perfect circles to subtle colours - so you can find the line of twinkly lights that will suit your room best. 

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