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Easy-Peasy Halloween Outfits

Guess what - obligatory Halloween post! Yes, it's October so it means that you've got to start thinking long and hard about what to wear for Halloween. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll go on a pound shop scavenger hunt on the 30th desperately looking for something you can fashion into cat ears. 

This photos are from my second partnership with Orelia, showing off their range for Halloween. These gorgeous pieces are right up my street, they're the perfect nod to show you've made an effort without having to spend days hand-crafting an outfit from scratch. However, if you are a handy crafter (you know, one of those people who rustles up a Halloween outfit which is just the shit) then these are the perfect finishing touch. 

These are just a few of the lovely range that Orelia has, there are also some amazing tattoo transfers as well. If you're in London then pop into Topshop Oxford Circus on Friday 30th and Halloween itself as there's lots of fun things going on as well as free Orelia tattoo transfers! 

....Oh, did I just link to the Huff Post that has a picture of me on the page - yes, yes I did. I'm sorry but I'm currently so excited about that! My photos are also in the Topshop stores again, including they're US ones. My face is in bloody New York, Chicago and LA! I just can't contain my excitement! Excuse for a US road trip right?

So which ones are your faves? I can't pick between the cat ears or the floral headdress - I just love the netting, when else can you have a black veil other than Halloween? I'm meeting up with my school friends to have a girly sleepover (yes, I am 25) so I might pear the floral headdress with some 'day of the dead' make-up. What are you going as for Halloween? I'd love to know! 

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