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The Reasons I Love Blogging

I realise these posts are ten-a-penny these days, but I was recently pondering on how my love of blogging is just growing and growing at the moment. After a plugging away for a few years, I finally feel like I'm getting to a place I want to be with it. These are the reasons why I keep on at it. 

// Blogging is more powerful than ever

Although I'm well aware I'm no Zoella, it's pretty darn inspirational to see so many bloggers do so well. When I first started my blog, the thought of blogging as a job never even entered my consciousness but now there are women out there carving a career and a brand out of their blogs and it's bloody incredible. It's a really exciting time to be in blogging, and although I can't really see myself blogging full-time any time soon, it's amazing that that is an option. 

// It's a way of meeting new, fabulous people

It's only recently that I've experienced first-hand how great blogging is to meet new people. The friendliness of the bloggers down in Brighton has blown me away and I love that I can go to blog events feeling confident that I'll know at least one person! It's lovely to chat to people about blogging (with my non-blogging friends I feel like I can't talk at length as I'll bore them) and discuss our goals. If it wasn't for my blog, I think my move to Brighton would have been a lot lonelier. 

// I have something of my own

I love that I have a little space that I can do what I like with. I've always wanted to have something that I was really, really good at but I'm yet to find my creative skill - blogging fills that void at the moment. It gives me a great sense of achievement when a post gets lots of views or someone pays my photography a compliment as it's something that I've made. Something that I've created and nurtured and honed - it really is the nearest thing I have to a baby right now!

// It pushes me

Although sometimes I do get stressed out with worries over whether I post enough, or is my photography good enough - I enjoy blogging because it makes me push myself. Yes it's hard not to look at other bloggers and be a tad envious of their layout/samples/success, but that gives me the impetuous to aim higher with my blog. So whether that's learning some new code or a new editing technique on Photoshop - I'm happy that I'm being pushed to learn and try new things. 

LV x
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