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The Statement Skirt

Something a little more classy for LV In Love With - yes it isn't often you see me all dolled up, I'm normally more of a ripped jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. However, in stark difference to my usual calendar (of Netflix) I actually have a swanky shindig in Glyndebourne to go to this month so I'm on the hunt for the perfect formal(ish) outfit.  

I really thought I was after a full-length dress, I'd never really thought of a skirt and top combo - but I think it looks a little more pared-down than an all-out ballgown style dress. This suits me to a tee as I always feel quite uncomfortable if I'm dressed up to the nines. 

I absolutely adore the pattern on this Coast skirt, it's got a beautifully vibrant water colour print that is perfect for me (someone who normally shies away from bright, block colours). I also love the little extra touches, such as the dip hem and even little pockets on the side. I paired it with a simple vest cami from Topshop and more new Cos shoes - just to keep it as simple as possible. 

The skirt itself is sold out now on the Coast site, but there is a gorgeous dress version that is equally as striking. I'd say this outfit is a definite contender for my day at Glyndebourne!

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