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A Quick Trip To County Cork

A little bit of a picture heavy post, sorry about that! Also, a little bit of a late post! A few months back now, a group of my friends and I took a trip to Country Cork in Ireland to visit one of our friends that was out there for the Ballymaloe Cookery School. My only visit to Ireland before this was a quick A-Level trip to Dublin where I spent the majority of the time trying to get served alcohol, so it was nice to properly take in Ireland and it's beautiful scenery. 

We stayed in a rather quaint Air BnB in Ballycotton, about a 10 min drive from the cookery school, with absolutely fantastic views! To be honest, everywhere you looked there were incredible views and I was really blown away by the scenery. These first couple of photos were taken on a cliff walk in Ballycotton, we were so lucky with the weather (which is famously temperamental in Ireland) as it was warm and sunny - no rain, yay!

ballycotton cliff walk 2015

The cookery school itself is quite famous in culinary circles and prides itself on fresh, organic produce. A lot of the food they use comes from the farm on site, it was lovely to take a stroll through the gardens and see all the fruit and veg growing and say hello to the chickens. For lunch the students at the school eat what they have made that morning - luckily they allow guests, so we were able to tuck in too! I have never seen so much delicious food in one place. As the weather was still good we sat outside and stuffed ourselves, an ideal way to spend a couple of hours! 

The next day we drove over to Kinsale and took in the colourful shops and visited the old fort. Again, so lucky with the weather - well that is until dinner when we went to The Black Pig. There weren't any seats inside so we risked it outside - and it chucked it down! We were eating dinner (yummy as it was) in rain macs, but it was at least a meal to be remembered! 

It was a shame our trip was so short, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Certainly going to be planning a trip back soon, the people were so friendly and I ate the yummiest food - excellent mini-break material. 

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