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Life's Better With A Floral Crown

Both floral crowns are from Orelia

As I type this, the weather is atrocious. It's chucking it down with rain and it feels more like October than July. Quite a world away from when I donned some floral crowns on a balmy summer day a few weeks ago. 

I've always lusted over those gorgeous Pinterest-perfect pictures of beautiful women in etherial floral headdresses and always thought that you had to be super trendy and stylish to pull it off. Turns out rocking a floral crown is the easiest and most simple thing - just pop one on your head and ta-da! you'll look instantly awesome.   

The one thing you do need if you're going to wear a floral crown is confidence. It's not everyday you see people with a beautiful array of flowers on their head, so you might feel a bit wary of it. If you're still not quite feeling a large garland though, opt for smaller flowers - whatever you think suits you best! 

My smaller floral crown was on elastic which made it perfect for an up-do. I'm terrible at doing my hair, but this was so simple - just pop it on your head when your hair is still down, then tuck all your hair over the elastic and in. I think it makes the look a little more put together and would looks so pretty at weddings or proms! Alternatively, if you want to look like the ultimate earth-mother just pop it on slightly tousled hair (sea-salt sprays are great for this) and embrace your inner Coachella-babe! 

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