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Nautical Days

I've mentioned it before, but I have a slight obsession with Breton stripes. I just can't get enough of them as they're so easy to wear! This jersey dress is an oldie but a goodie and perfect for a breezy summer day in Brighton. My boyfriend and I took a trip to the Marina in Brighton, where we picked out our favourite yachts and had a *cheeky* Nando's.   

I got some compliments on my sunglasses on Instagram - they're from Warehouse (love that shop at the moment) and I love them! I'm not one to spend lots of money on sunglasses (I'd most likely sit on them) but I think these look pretty fancy. 

In other news, after these photos were taken I took a downwards spiral into the hell that is a summer cold. So I'm currently sat sniffing, coughing and trying to unblock my ears - fun. times. 

LV x
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