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My New 'Lob'

So yes, I have joined the 'lob' crew. Last weekend I said goodbye to my long-ish locks and went for something that just touches my shoulders. I must say it feels pretty good! I did have a fleeting go with the lob a year or so ago but I didn't really keep it up and just let it grow out. This time I'm kinda feeling it a little bit more! 

I headed down to Simon Webster in Brighton for the chop and m stylist Javier worked his magic. I wasn't event that nervous with getting a new length, I'm not very precious about my hair - it can always grow back! So it's just nice to have something a bit different for a change. 

The only issue is is that I literally have no idea how to style it - other than giving it a bit of a curl. I'm going to have to do a lot of YouTube tutorial watching to find some new 'dos! If you have any recommendations, do let me know!

LV x

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