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A Pretty Two Piece

Can I say it without jinxing it? Has summer arrived? I tentatively want to say yes! Obviously, I still live in the UK, so summer is really anything above 10 degrees that doesn't involve rain. But still, I feel like that summery feeling is brewing - especially as I was able to take my new two piece out for a spin. 

Quite literally a spin, this is one outfit that you just want to twirl around in. Yes, I looked a little mad - but it was fun, alright? Now and again, a 25-year-old just needs to do a spin and a twirl. So this little outfit from Zara was a completely spur of the moment purchase, but when I tried it on in the drab changing room it just made me feel a bit fabulous - and really, isn't that why we buy pretty clothes in the first place? 

As the sun was out, my boyfriend (and dutiful photographer) took to the beautiful streets of Brighton for a stroll. This gorgeous square is just a stones throw from the sea and looks like something out of Mary Poppins! It feels very posh, there is even a private garden in the middle which only residents can get in to - very fancy!

Maybe one day, I'll live in a fancy white house and have a private garden...one day! For now, I'll just have to live with my flat where I have to scrape mould off the back of my wardrobe (yer, that happened this week). Le sigh. Well one that depressing note, lets just all agree to pray to the gods of sunshine so that this bout of summer stays! I have a whole summer wardrobe to showcase now!

Top - Zara / Skirt - Zara / Shoes - Dorothy Perkins / Bag - & Other Stories / Sunglasses - Topshop
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