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Plaits In The Park

I never really do too much with my hair, I rely heavily on straighteners (if you've watched any of my YouTube videos you'll know why) but I normally just leave it down to do its thing. You'll basically only really find me with my hair up if it's due a wash. But after seeing a hair tutorial from Fashion Influx (who is ace by the way, highly recommend) which looked do-able, I thought I'd try and buck my own trend. So after some quick braiding, my plaits and I headed out to the park.  

Yes, yes - it's another 'ooo look at the blossom' post. It is incredibly pretty though isn't it? Sorry about my ugly mug getting in the way, but needs must you know. Anyway, Mike and I took a trip to a park that is just up our road but we'd never actually been to before and it was such a find - a pond, rock garden AND an adventure playground. Yup, pretty sure we'll be here a lot during the summer (when we're not on the beach that is because, Brighton).  

The brief flirtation with summer has ended so we're back to chilly spring weather now, but I will not say goodbye to my mac. I'm pretty much wearing it everyday at the moment, I think it makes me look like a grown-up. This is of course is completely undone with my leopard print skater shoes (I seem to have a think for animal print shoes at the moment), but hey - they're cute. Plus they don't rub my feet which is a bloody miracle. 

Oh extra bonus cat picture! We made an adorable cat friend, he was called Oscar and was the cutest, most friendliest cat. I'm normally a dog person but cats like Oscar could possibly sway me. I literally cannot wait until I can have a cat and/or dog of my own - just got to convince Mike and my landlord... 

Mac - H&M / Top - M&S / Jeans - Topshop / Shoes - ASOS / Bag - & Other Stories

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