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My Blogger Inspiration

Photos borrowed from Hello October, Hello Gemma and Llymlrs

As you may, or may not, have noticed - I have been a little absent from my blog in the past two weeks. This isn't due to the well documented 'blogger's block', I've just had a busy couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to take photos (which is what I find to be the most time-consuming thing). Anyway, I'm now getting back into the swing of things and will hopefully have some posts up over this next week. 

What I really want to talk about today is my blogging inspiration. Don't worry, this won't be one of those 'how to stay inspired' lists which have been doing the rounds these pasts months (don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with those type of posts - just I feel that once you've read one, you've read them all). No, this post is about three amazing women who keep me inspired to continue blogging.

I recently did a post about some smaller (but no less awesome) bloggers that I love at the moment, bloggers that keep me motivated and focused on what I want to achieve. However there are three bloggers which truly inspire me to blog, whether that's by their achievements or work ethic or all-round awesomeness. They're huge in the blogging world so I don't need to tell you to go check out their blogs because it's most likely they're already on your reading list, however I thought I'd tell you why I think they are the bestest blogger inspo eva. 

LLYMLRS // There is a special place in my blogger heart for Lily and her blog as her's was the first fashion blog I stumbled across. It pretty much opened my eyes to the fact that having a fashion blog could be as simple as taking some photos in your bedroom. I loved the fact that she was wearing clothes that were easily attainable, from New Look or Topshop, and dat ombre hair - pretty groundbreaking for 2010. It's been amazing to see her blog grow and grow, and now she's writing a bloody book! It's just pretty amazing to see what she's achieved. 

HELLO GEMMA // The blogger previously know as Gemsmaquillage is by far, in my opinion, one of the hardest working and most dedicated bloggers out there - plus she the nicest on Twitter. Her blog is b-e-a-utiful, I was blown away with the quality of the redesign it recently had and really impressed that she had enough faith in her own 'brand' to switch up the name and everything that entails. She's a blogger whose integrity has remained in tact, even as a big time blogger, and that's something I really look up to. 

HELLO OCTOBER // Suzi is my inspiration for flawless style, both for fashion and for her signature blog style. Every photo is composed beautifully, they look like something from a magazine! What I totally love is how she has remained so grounded, even with the internet fame - she still seems like the kind of girl I'd love to have a natter with over a cup of tea. Plus she's from Brighton (my new home) so that gives her extra inspo points!

LV x
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