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Books & Beaches

On Monday, Mike and I headed to a rather chilly and windy beach to do a spot of reading. If I'm honest, we didn't actually get that far with the reading - there were people on the beach wearing gloves it was that cold - but we did have a good hour of fresh sea air. The novelty of living by the sea still hasn't worn off, I can't wait until it's sunbathing weather! 

I've recently picked up a few summer bits, like the top I'm wearing here, so I'm dying to actually wear them. Unfortunately the weather has gone cold again - I just want to wear my new things! It's mainly from Zara (standard) and Warehouse which is a little more surprising - but I'm really liking their stuff at the moment!

In other news, I've booked a holiday! It's just going to be me and my mum which I'm actually quite excited about - I've talked about our changing relationship before - but in a nutshell we've just become friends (seriously, never thought I'd be one of those people). We're off to Rhodes so naturally I'm dreaming of a glorious tan, in reality I'll most likely be coming back with patches of burn after misapplying my SPF 50. One can dream though. 

LV x

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