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Pastel Nails and Summer Days

pastel blue nails

Finally, warm weather (ish) has arrived! This means one thing, it's time to say goodbye to dark blues and rich reds and crack open the pastel nail varnish. My fingers aren't really my best assest - they are pretty chubby and anything but dainty. However, a slick of pastel nail varnish makes them look a tad better. This duck egg blue is from Topshop, I can't actually find it online so it might have been discontinued but Blue Rinse is pretty similar. 

Not much to say tonight, other than I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. I have quite a quiet week this week, but I am going to my first 'tech event' for work which should be fun/will involve me blagging my knowledge of SEO for the evening. Whatever you're up to this week, have a blast!

LV x

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