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Heading Back To The 90s with Adidas Stan Smiths

adidas stan smith
adidas stan smith
adidas stan smith

These are a purchase that I put off making for quite a while. Partly because I just didn't think I was cool or edgy enough for them, and partly because they just seemed that little bit too 90s - falling into the category of tattoo chocker necklaces and glitter tattoo transfers (both of which are kinda on trend at the moment - fashion's a funny thing). However after seeing streams and streams of beautiful Scandinavian girls pulling these trainers off with ease, I thought I'd try and get in on the Adidas Stan Smith action. And by gosh, I love them. 

There's just something about the glistening, crisp white and the old school chunky-ness that just makes me swoon and go all heart-eye emoji. They look great with pretty much anything and make outfits just look effortlessly cool. I can't wait to wear them with bare legs in the summer. 

So, what do you think? Are you on board with this slice of the 90s trend?

LV x

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