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5 Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

You hear this a lot at the moment, 'oh, everyone and their dog has a blog these days' and I think there is quite a big chunk of truth in that. There are a tonne of people blogging at the moment. This used to make me feel a bit intimidated and scared - I just couldn't see the point in blogging when there was such stiff competition out there. 

But over the last few months, I've started to mellow. I no longer put too much pressure on myself, because this blogging lark is meant to be fun right?! This has consequently meant that I've seen other blogs in a totally different light. My slightly envious and intimidated feelings have turned in admiration and...pride in a weird way. Even though the blogger on the other end of the internet doesn't have a clue, as a frequent reader you start to really get to know the person and see them as a kind of friend (a friend who isn't aware of your existence, that is). It's a strange thing to describe, but it's really quite lovely. 

So, why I am rambling on about all this - well I just wanted to put a list together of the bloggers who I really love. Whose blogs I look forward to reading and whose blogs I look up to and admire. 

From Gem With Love - It was Gem's photos that first got me - beautiful but unpretentious. There was something about them that made me want to find out more about her and read all the posts I could. I don't follow any mummy bloggers so I don't really know much about pregnancy and such but it's so nice seeing Gem's baby journey. Check her blog out if you like dreamy photos, great style and baby bumps. 

I Am Daisy Alice - Do you know how sometimes you read blog posts and think - 'I could definitely be friends with you IRL' - yup, I totally get this with Daisy's blog. Her blog is delightfully down to earth and never fails to remind me of lovely London. I really love how every post is different, whether it's an outfit post, an interview with an illustrator or a hair tutorial. Everything is beautifully photographed and totally engaging. 

Fifi McGee - Ok, so I'm a little bit biased on this one as I now know Fifi herself - but even before we met I thought her blog was the business. Seriously, one click on this blog and you'll be hooked on the stunning photography, amazing interiors and posts on Brighton that make you feel like a local. Trust me, you'll have complete life-envy. 

Lola Cola Kate - Sometimes I'll just stare at my clothes, hoping that they will somehow automatically turn into an amazingly put-together outfit. Disappointingly, this rarely happens. This is where Laura Kate's blog comes in handy - her blog contains post after post of ridiculously great outfits that actually seem doable! Oh and she pulls off a hat effortlessly (life goal).  

Heroine In Heels - I love living in Brighton, I really do. But sometimes my heart pangs for the big city, the bright lights of London. Laura's blog helps me feel that connection again, her blog follows her from restaurant to bar to exhibition to fashion show and everything is fabulously photographed. It's the perfect read for someone who wants a little nose into the glamorous life. 

LV x

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