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Is Shoulder Robing A Thing?

shoulder robing shoulder robing shoulder robing

When your flicking through Pintrest there are somethings that you just admire from afar, fully aware that if you ever attempted it you'd look ridiculous. Sky high heels, flares and any tops that involve going bra-less to name just a few. 'Shoulder-robing' or 'coat-draping' was just one of these things. But then I kept on seeing it, and seeing it and seeing it again - and by gosh people just looked fabulous. So, I gave it a red-hot go. 

The result? Well, if you ignore 'awkward hand' I don't think it looked too ridiculous. I also felt less mafia-esque that I thought I was going to. The only thing was though - it's just not practical. At. All. The subtle art of shoulder robing involves careful balance and a lack of any sort of breeze. Standing on a train platform? A fast train is going to whip that coat off in a flash. Plus, trying to negotiate carrying a handbag as well is just added stress - it's pretty much impossible. I think I'll leave this one to the fashion bloggers and Pintrest. 

LV x

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