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A Catch-Up at Plateau, Brighton

plateau brighton review

I've been living in Brighton for about a month now and I'm really starting to get used to (and enjoy) having Brighton as my home. The only downside of starting out in a new place is that you pretty much uproot yourself and leave some of your safety net back home. Being far away from my friends is something that takes a little getting used to, but it makes visits all the more special. Last weekend one of my oldest friends stopped by the seaside and we went out for a catch-up over dinner. Seeing as I promised myself that I would blog about every place I went to eat, my camera came along too. 

plateau brighton review

After walking past it a few times, the eatery I chose for our meal was Plateau. It's a cosy little wine bar that does delicious looking platters and other bites. Controversially, for a wine bar, we started out with a cocktail. Both being huge fans of gin, we honed in on the gin based cocktails. There were actually only two and, I'm not ashamed to admit it, we hardly knew what any of the other ingredients were. So the Colonial Cooler cocktail that came back was a bit of a surprise, it tasted more of Coca Cola than gin but it was was very drinkable. 

My friend is a bit of a wine connoisseur, so I left her to decide on the wine. She was a little thrown as a lot (if not all) of the wines at Plateau are organic. Plus the wine list was a bible of a menu, so it took a while to narrow it down, but eventually we went for a Sauvignon Blanc. According to my friend, it tasted different from how you would expect a Sauvignon Blanc to taste but we reckoned that was because it was organic. Still tasted pretty darn good though. 

The menu at Plateau is made up of bites and platters. According to our very pleasant server, for two people a platter and one bite would suffice. We started with a morcilla iberica bite which was very chorizo-like and delicious. We then went for a veggie platter which was made up of a lovely mix of gnocchi, beetroot humous, flat bread, labneh and other yummy things. 

plateau brighton review

After a good chat and a bit of reminiscing we decided on a dessert. Now, I did take a photo of the dessert but after a cocktail and half a bottle of wine I wasn't quite so in control of my fancy camera so it came out a little blurry. So instead I will paint a picture with words, we had gorgeous dark chocolate fondant with salted caramel and peanut butter ice-cream on the side. My word, it was fantastic. 

So the whole meal was really tasty with lots of great flavours. I love having lots of little bits as you get to try a little bit of everything. The one thing I would say though was, it was quite pricey for what you got. Lets just say we didn't leave particularly stuffed and the whole meal (including a £28 bottle of wine) was around £90. Not cheap. However, I certainly wouldn't rule Plateau out for some wine and some nibbles in the future - just perhaps having a full three course meal there is a little decadent. 

LV x

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