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New Brighton Home Snippets

I've been in my new Brighton home for nearly two weeks now and things are slowly coming together. There's still a tonne to buy and put up (we have a distinct lack of power tools at the moment) but it's starting to feel like home. Living and working in Brighton is really quite lovely, my commute is along the front and walking home while the sunsets is pretty amazing (obviously when it rains...less than amazing). Living with a boy for the first time is going surprisingly well, but then we are only two weeks in. It's nice to have a 'honey, I'm home' moments every evening though. 

I can't wait to explore all the lovely restaurants and bars in Brighton, I have an ever-growing list of places I want to visit. Hopefully I'll get brave enough to whack out the DSLR when I'm out and about so I can write some posts on where I've been. For tonight though, I'm just having a relaxing Thursday evening with delicious wine and Peep Show. 

LV x
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