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How I Upgraded to Grown-Up Underwear

This January I turned 25. Quite the milestone. It's times like this that you look around at your life and reevaluate your surroundings - are you living where you want to be, are you in the job you want to be in? When I turned 25, I looked to my underwear drawer. What looked back at me was questionable and pretty darn old. 
What followed was a cathartic throwing out of my old skanky undies, and a joyous online binge of Rosie underwear (and PJs) from M&S. These are just a few of my favourite pieces, but I think they sum up the Rosie collection really well. Lots of pretty florals on silky material with gorgeous inserts on lace. What makes the whole range even better is that they are still incredibly comfy (a must for any new addition to my underwear and PJ drawer). My underwear game has been well and truly upped. 

LV x
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