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New Year's Resolutions 2015

So completely unoriginally, here is a post about my New Year's resolutions. 2014 has been a funny year. It's been peppered with redundancy, divorce and weight gain but it's also featured an anniversary, a new house and a new job. I've come out the end of 2014 thinking that I'm in the right place to make 2015 a whole host of awesomeness. I've never really found myself so excited about the prospect of a new year and there are a few resolutions that I'm going to try to adhere to help me get the most out of 2015. 

Get healthy // I know, I know - such a blah resolution. But it has to be done - 2014 saw me firmly becoming a size 12. After years of being an awkward size 11, a mixture of laziness, being in a relationship and contraceptive pill changes in 2015 meant that no longer could I squeeze into a size 10. I'm not actually too worried about the number, it's more about feeling a bit flabby. If I could get to be a toned size 12 I would be very happy. 

Branch out on my blog // Two of my most successful blog posts this year were not about beauty or fashion, but more my ramblings really (one about being a rubbish blogger and one about the Zoella book controversy). I really enjoyed putting these posts together so this year I resolve to try some different things with my little space of the internet. 

Read more books and less screens // In the olden days, before wireless internet and laptops, I used to love to read for about an hour before I went to sleep. I really want to get into this habit again, rather than reading countless Buzzfeed articles about the 58 Best Nutella Recipes. 

Try and look polished // As I type this I have chipped nails (turns out Chanel nail polish is quite rubbish), frizzy hair and legs that haven't been shaved in days weeks. Which I suppose is ok whilst in the comfort of my own home, but this year I'm going to try and look as nice as possible when I leave the house. For no other reason that I think it will make me feel good.

Take more photos // Inspired by Lily Pebble's latest video about scrap-booking, this year I really want to capture more moments on film. Although I don't want to be one of those people who lives there life through a lens, I also I want to be able to look back when I'm old at some great Instagram pics - I think old me would really appreciate that.

Use things up // I have a shit-tonne of skincare and make-up stuff that I just need to use! This is an extremely practical thing but hopefully it will lead to two handy consequences, I will save money and also I should look amazing as I'll actually used those face masks and leave-in conditioners.

Let me know your resolutions for 2015!

LV x
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