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My 5 Favourite Podcasts

Ooo I do love a good podcast, me. I have a total of 3 hours commuting a day to fill and podcasts have been my saviour. There's something extremely soothing about them and, for me, they numb the complete pain of rush hour tube and train journeys. So I thought I'd list my favourites, they may not be to everyone's tastes but I will tell you about them nonetheless. 

Serial // The podcast that everyone is talking about (or at least was 2 months ago). I'm sure you are all quite well aware of what Serial is about so I won't go into too much detail. Serial is a part-documentary, part-crime drama that centres around the murder of a teenage girl (Hae) in America and conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan. Over 12 episodes journalist Sarah Koenig scrutinises and pulls apart this case to find out if Adnan really did it. There is good reason this podcast was so popular, it really was incredibly gripping and through up so many fascinating issues about the American judicial system. If you love those real crime dramas on TV, then you will love this podcast. 

This American Life // This American Life is actually where Serial started - the first episode was aired on this show and Sarah Koeing is a regular contributor. However, as the title suggests, this podcast encompasses a wide range of topics. Each one hour podcast focuses on a particular theme and they have varied from stories about poultry (this was around Thanksgiving) to stories about regrets. It is one of those podcasts that you just have to give it a listen, as it's hard to explain in words. It's kind of like an audio documentary where every week someone picks a topic out of a hat - you never know what you are going to get. 

Kermode and Mayo's Film Review Show // One is that nice man from Radio 2, the other is slightly grumpier man who knows his shit about films. Together they make one of the most joyous podcasts I've ever listened to. I don't know what it is about their pairing, but they just make me happy. They also have really entertaining and insightful reviews of films (kinda the point of the show). This podcast has introduced me to so many films I would never had heard of, and saved me from spending £9 on something rubbish. Plus Kermode's rants about Michael Bay are dead amaze. 

Woman's Hour // This show has been running for 60 years, isn't that incredible. I'd always heard of Woman's Hour and just assumed it was a radio version of the WI but I was very wrong. Another extremely varied show, this daily podcast both covers current issues and debates, such as Page 3 and female voter turn out, but then also delves into random talking points such as nail biting - and it just works. A sign of its 'cool credetials', Lena Dunham even guest edited a show. 

Any Questions? // If you like Question Time, you'll like Any Answers - it's basically QT without the visuals and a different Dimbleby brother. Although sometimes the political bickering gets a bit tiresome, it's usually a great way to hear some interesting discussion on what is going on in the world. In the run up to the election I think it's going to get more and more shouty - but it might be handy if you haven't made up your mind who you're going to vote for. 

LV x

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