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Clothes: Striped Dress and Classic Mac

By god it was freezing yesterday, I couldn't feel my toes for the majority of the day. The sun was out though so it was a lovely crisp day. On reflection I probably should have worn a few more layers (though I did have socks on under my tights and a thermal top under my dress) but I just really liked this outfit. 

The dress is a really great thick cotton number from Zara which only was only £17.99! I think it will be a firm favourite when Spring/Summer comes round again. I also added a really simple and delicate necklace from Accessorize.

Let me quickly just take a moment to thank my boyfriend for being my own personal photographer, he traipsed over mud in the cold to take these. Thank you!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend - mine was filled with Christmas trees, G&Ts and wood burning stoves. I'm just about to snuggle down with a mulled wine and watch X Factor and then get scared out my wits watching Remember Me - just in case you were wondering!

LV x
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