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...And Other Reasons I'm A Rubbish Blogger

Bloggers are doing pretty impressive things these days, bringing out their own make-up, writing their own books and being featured in newspaper after newspaper. With this success comes a lot of reflection on other bloggers' parts - discussing feelings of admiration, inspiration and sometimes quiet jealousy. 

For me, it boiled up feelings of inadequacy. This wasn't just from comparing myself to the big Zoellas of the blogging world, but to smaller bloggers too. The standard and quality of so many smaller blogs is incredibly impressive and that is awesome - but it doesn't half make you feel a little shit when you look at your little nook of the internet. 

However, this is only blog stuff and people across the world have a lot more pressing issues, so I decided to turn these somewhat negative feelings into something a little more tongue in cheek. So here are the niggling reasons why I'm a rubbish blogger. 

I don't have a shit tonne of make-up // I was thinking about what I'd like for Christmas the other day and starting writing down a bunch of make-up 'must-haves' including a second and third Naked Palette (I already have number 2). Then I just thought - I don't need this. I have a palette with neutral colours, that will do. Being a blogger that doesn't get sent all the latest releases as PR samples, I sometimes find myself getting swept along with the hype and thinking I need the Hourglass Lighting Powers and a Tom Ford lipstick and Chanel's latest limited edition eye shadow palette (all of which would cost upwards of £130). Then common sense kicks in. But it doesn't half make you feel like your face and blog content is missing out.

I don't have a white background // So white backgrounds are the new blog trope out there, hot on the heels of extremely blurred out flowers. But it's not just a white background that's apparently necessary, it's a bloody drone-like aerial shot of your make-up/haircare/feminine hygiene product artfully scattered along with some whimsical rings/keyboards/magazines on a pristine, white as the driven snow background. I tried a piece of paper (too small), I tried on my white bed (too bumpy), I even tried a bloody pillowcase! There was a white chest of drawers that I used a few times, but to get that 'from high' shot I had to stand on a swivel chair on a bed - safe it was not.

I don't have a niche // Let's face it, the blogosphere is an over-saturated market. Everyone and their mother is a blogger, and that's great, that's the point - that anyone can start there own space on the internet. However, this leads to a lot of blogger tips about 'finding your niche'. Well on this I have failed. I don't write my blog from the perspective of a dog, I don't write my blog posts in the form of a haiku, I just write a blog about stuff that a gazillion other bloggers blog about. So sue me.

I don't have any blogging friends // I'm sure you're all playing your teeny tiny sympathy violins right now, I don't mean this to sound quite so 'woe is me' but sometimes blogging feels a little cliquey. This is of course natural, people will always form groups with others who share their similar interests, values, blogger management companies - however when you're flying solo like me it can sometimes feel a little lonely when your tweets and comments are left unanswered. Don't even get me started about YouTube collabs and tags - maybe I should start being one of those people who begs for YouTube friends in comments, that works right?!

I have a job // I admire people for a lot of things, running a successful blog whilst also working full time is one of them. It's these impressive bloggers that make me very ashamed that I struggle to write a blog post a week, let alone film a YouTube video a week (which once was a goal and is now a distant dream). I'm out of the house by 7am and back at 7pm - not horrific, but not great. I guess I'm meant to schedule my posts and work on the train and spend my weekends filming and taking photos - but by god I've got things to do like doing my washing, cleaning my room and generally keeping up my personal hygiene.

Once I started thinking about this subject I thought of a surprisingly high amount of other reasons I'm a rubbish blogger such as: I'm not actually that good at applying make-up, I don't have a constant supply of fresh flowers, I don't have a Skani style house with white wooden floorboards and finally, I don't have any wisdom to impart..like..none.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy blogging. I wouldn't do it if I didn't. There just seems to be a lot of feels going around as, as everyone is saying, 'blogging has changed'. Bloggers are undoubtedly feeling a lot more self-inflicted pressure and as much as you say, 'it's your blog, don't feel pressured', for most people it will still niggle at them.

As I already alluded to, I have no words of wisdom. For me, I'm just going to embrace my rubbish-ness. Here's to more outfit shots like the glorious picture above!

LV x
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