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Make-up: Essence Longlasting Lipstick

A little while ago a lovely blogger from Germany, Franzi at be eminent, got in touch and asked if she could interview me. Obviously I was ridiculously flattered (and a little surprised) and said 'of course!'. Franzi also kindly asked if I would review some beauty products from Germany, again - I was very flattered and as I have never tried any brands from Deutschland I gladly accepted the challenge. 

So one of the products Franzi sent over was this gorgeous red lipstick from Essence called 'All You Need Is Red'. I love a good red lipstick (who doesn't?) and this is a beautiful pillar box red that has a pretty creme finish - the perfect not too glossy, not too matte formula. The colour is fabulous, lovely and bright and perfect for winter.  

For me, it lasts for around 2 hours without having to reapply so I'm not sure if you'd really class that as long lasting. However the colour didn't bleed so a lip liner wasn't necessary which was a plus. I found that blotting the colour with some tissue worked really well though, it gave my lips a nice subtle stain finish. All in all, I really liked this lipstick - although it doesn't quite live up to its 'longlasting' title I still love the colour and formula is really lovely. If you're ever in beautiful Germany I would recommend looking out for this lipstick. 

LV x
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