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Hair: How I Style My Middle Parting

The day I chose to middle part my hair was a big day. I've always been convinced (and still am really) that I have a massive forehead and, to me, having a middle parting would just be framing my fivehead. However, after seeing picture after picture of gorgeous girls with equally gorgeous centre partings I just thought, 'f*ck it'. Turns out that the middle parting didn't look half bad - and it meant different up-dos, *small internal woop*. So here is my three key hair looks for when I have my hair parted in the middle. Let me know what you think and which one is your favourite!

Soft waves // This was the first 'look' that I saw on blogs and Pintrest that really convinced me to move that parting of mine. I create my waves with my GHDs, a quick and easy curl that I do so often I could most likely do it in my sleep. The beauty of this look is that you can sleep on these waves and the next day they look even better - in a 'I woke up like this' way. 

Low bun // I have been know to go full on Ashley Oslen and wear this low bun with all my hair super slicked back (especially handy when you have damp, post-washed hair), however for a softer look I like to have some hair out at the front. Super easy and classic, if I do say so myself. 

Heidi plaits // Another 'do that Pintrest is responsible for - but I just love the cute plaits! As I have really quite thick and heavy hair I actually do a little plaited bun at the back and then only plait a manageable amount to go on top of my head. This is a hairstyle that I think can only really work with a middle parting - all about the symmetry!

LV x
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