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Clothes: Winter Sunnies and Scarves

Topshop Sunglasses // Zara Scarf // Charity Shop Breton Top // Topshop Jamie Jeans // Zara Coat // Nike Free Runs

I've never been one for wearing sunglasses in the winter, on dank grey days in England you just end up looking silly. However yesterday was such a bright, sunny day that I felt it was justified - squinting gives you wrinkles, don't you know. 

So with my sunnies on and bundled up in my chunkiest scarf from Zara, my boyfriend and I headed out to beautiful Brighton. Luckily I had my Nike Free Runs on (comfiest shoes ever) as we ended up walking around all day, having a mooch around the pretty roads and eating horrendously over-priced salad. 

We finished off the day watching the sun go down, that sounds ridiculously cliché but it's true and I have the picture to prove it. To anyone reading from outside of the UK, I can tell you that not every November day in England is like this!

Also, sorry I look mega uncomfortable in my full length photo - shout out to my awkward right hand!

LV x
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