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Skincare: Magitone Lucid Daily Cleansing Brush

Electronic cleansing brushes have been a beauty blogger staple for a year or so now, ever since the Clarisonic Mia made its pastel-hued appearance. For me though, at around £100, the Mia was just a little too pricey and that was the only thing holding me back. Luckily this Magnitone Lucid brush comes in at a reasonable £50 (buy it here) and I've been loving it for the last few weeks. 

As recommended in the instructions, I started on the sensitive setting for the first few days so my skin could get used to being deep cleaned. I'm really glad I did that as although it is gentle, having a giant brush on your face does actually take a little getting used to. After a few days I felt I was ready for the regular setting as my skin had gotten used to it. 

I used a mixture of regular cleansers and foaming cleansers - just to switch things up a little - and both worked really well. What I especially liked was the fact you could use it in the shower, so there was no excuse not to clean my skin properly!

Now - the important stuff, did it make a difference to my skin? Hells bells yes! Before I started using this brush I was having very pesky spots on my forehead and chin and this brush cleared them up in just under a week. I've found that my dry patches have reduced as well and my complexion just looks a lot brighter and clearer. All in all, I'm really pleased with the results - this is certainly going here to stay in my skincare regime.

Have you tried any cleansing brushes? What have been your experiences?

LV x
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  1. Wow, looks very similar to the Clarisonic. I love the Clarisonic but I bet this is just as good... Fantastic bargain!! Xx


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