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Clothes: New Camel Coat // Outfit 2

So this is my second 'look' with my new, favourite coat. This is my go-to cosy outfit, chunky jumper and big ol' scarf. I particularly like pairing the camel with the light beige of the jumper. Never would I have thought I would have been a beige on beige girl but there we go. Literally cannot think of anything else to write about this - can you tell I'm new to outfit posts..?

As always, I'd love to know what you think you lovely people who read my posts!

LV x
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  1. That's beautiful. I love my camel coat. Got one from oasis few years ago and it remains a staple in my wardrobe. M&S does really nice coats and the new collection is gorgeous!! X

  2. Such a classic style. Every year I seem to buy a coat with staying power and now I have about 8 in my wardrobe haha!


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