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Clothes: Autumn Fashion Favourites // Blanket Wrap

As I write this post there is the loudest thunder outside - pretty sure autumn is here! I have a few firm autumn favourites already and I'll be doing a few accompanying blog posts about them - I also did a video about them on my YouTube channel

First on my favourites list are blanket wraps. I've picked out a few ones that you can buy at the moment - I love grey as you can tell - but there are so many out there. I love layering mine over a plain long sleeve top but when the weather really starts to get cold I'm going to be wearing mine over my leather jacket for extra warmth. 

Let me know if you're loving blanket wraps at the moment, and feel free to check out my latest video on my other favs!

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  1. Loved this video, first one of yours that I've watched and I'm defo going to check out more! Your blog is equally lovely too!

    Blanket wraps look so cosy, I especially love the New Look one you've picked out x

    Josie’s Journal


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