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Make-up: Beauty UK Rose Shimmer Box

Look familiar? To me this reminds me of school days disappointment, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick was the first bit of high-end make-up I coveted (and not the last, what a slippery slope). I remember seeing a girl at school using it in the changing room and thinking it was the prettiest thing, but then I remember the utter disappointment when I found out  that it was £30 (expensive now but a small fortune when you’re 13 years old)

If only Beauty UK were around in my early teens. They, along with brands such as Makeup Revolution, are a budget beauty brand with a focus on ‘dupes’. I love a good ‘dupe’, you feel like you are getting and bargain and as if somehow you are cheating the system. However I know where to level my expectations. Although there are some amazing ‘dupes’ out there, on the whole I have a ‘you get what you pay for’ mindset. I feel like most ‘dupes’ take inspiration from the product they are duping (saying dupe a lot is sounding really weird!) and perhaps the formulation and application might be very different.

Enough about my thoughts about dupes – more on this lovely blusher. At £4.99 it’s a bloody bargain (buy it here).  I would describe it as a blush and highlighter combination as the colour pay-off isn’t huge but you do get a beautiful pink-tinted glow to your cheeks. I’d say it would be perfect for school as the look you get is very subtle and pretty. If you want to see it being used, click here to see it in action in my Get Ready With Me video.

LV x
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  1. it looks really lovely, i've wanted the bobbi brown shimmer bricks for a while but just can't justify it, i'll have to have a swatch of this next time I'm in Superdrug! x


  2. Ugh, yes the shimmer bricks are so expensive!!


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