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Haircare: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

Well if there is one product I wouldn't recommend it would be this. Never have I been so disappointed. Well ok that might be an over-statement but still - I found this truly rubbish! I guess it was my fault for being disloyal the amazingness of Batiste, I have now learnt my lesson that there is nothing better. 

I mainly was tempted by this Aussie version as I thought the smell would be amazing (like the shampoos and conditioners) but it barely had a scent. Plus the de-greasing effects are really quite poor, there was hardly any difference at all. Basically - don't bother, Batiste is cheaper as well!

LV x
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  1. I like you thought that the scent would have been incredible just like the shampoos and such, and what's the point in a dry shampoo the doesn't blitz the grease, such a shame xx

  2. I've heard so many mixed reviews about this product, I don't know what to think of it.. However for now I think I'll just stick to my trusty Batiste for now! xxx

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  3. I am the same! I just reviewed the Herbal Essences shampoo and compared to Batiste is is horrible! I'm gutted to hear that this one is rubbish thought cause it was next on my list to try! Maybe not now :P Thanks for this review I've just saved myself £3.99 was it? xoxo


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