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Lifestyle: Ikea Alex Drawers

What a surprise, a blog featuring the Ikea Alex drawers (buy here). 100% non-original but they are a storage dream. You can fit so much bloody stuff in them! As I've recently moved there isn't much of an order to what is in the drawers - give me time. But I have dreams of everything being meticulously organised.  
I also picked up the equally unoriginal Ikea purchase of these cute white pots (buy here) and a pretty realistic artificial orchid. Ain't nobody got time for real flowers.  

This is just a first glimpse of my new room, I really want it to be painted a really light grey and then have all white furniture. I'll no doubt document all the changes on this blog so keep your eyes peeled. 

LV x
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  1. I love my Ikea Alex too! Such pretty photos x


  2. I adore my Alex, it's so handy I wish I bought one sooner, I can't imagine putting my make up without it :)
    xxx Claire


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