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Skincare: My Fake Tan Routine

So the sun is out and it's kind of warm - British summer time is here! I've fully broken out my summer wardrobe - cami tops, birkenstocks and a-line skirts are in full rotation and my tights have been banished to the back of my drawers for a few months (fingers crossed). Bits of me are on show that haven't seen the light for many months; namely my legs, tops of my arms, back and decolletage (oo fancy word). So needless to say I'm looking a bit pasty. 

I'm not a natural tanner, I burn very easily and hardly go brown at all. It's all very sad. I therefore have to rely on fake tan. A lot. A few years ago, when I was at uni, I would go pretty hard with the fake tan. I would pick the darkest one and apply it about 3 times a week. It didn't look half bad really, but it was a pain in the ass to maintain. I now favour either lighter fake tans or gradual tanners to give myself a touch of colour. 

Over the years I've realised that exfoliation is key, it makes everything look more even and less patchy. In the past I've used a body scrub in the shower but at the moment I'm trying out this Exfoliating Body Mitt from e-cloth (buy here) which I just use with water and a little bit shower gel. It's super quick, easy to use and exfoliates without feeling like you're using sandpaper. I find it leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft and is a really good base for tanning. 

The fake tan I'm using at the moment is a the Dove Summer Glow Gradual Tanner (buy here). I apply it with a tanning mitt, it absorbs well and isn't too sticky. Also the smell is a lot less biscuity than I was expecting, which is always something I look for in a tanner. No one wants to smell like a digestive. 

I used the Simple Sun-kissed Moisturiser (buy here) for my face and for my hands. Tanning hands is always tricky but with this gradual facial moisturiser it so easy - no tide marks or patches. I leave the colour to develop overnight and in the morning I have a lovely subtle, streak-free glow. 

LV x
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  1. Love your picks, I always find a gradual tan is the most fail safe option! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


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