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Lifestyle: Decorating with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I am spending this long weekend painting anything I can get my hands on white (mainly my bedroom furniture). I've always wanted to do this for a while but I've always been massively put off by the prep of painting - the sanding, the priming, what paint do I use etc. Then someone recommended me Annie Sloan's chalk paints which don't require any sanding or priming. Seriously, I was sceptical too but it is true! It can also cover the darkest of woods (as you can see my shelf unit was really dark). It was so easy so I thought I'd show you a quick how to:

Kit -
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (mine is Pure)
Annie Sloan Soft Wax (Clear)
Paint Brushes
Old Large Jar
Dust Sheet

1 // Give whatever you are paining a little dust over to make sure it is clean and then put on a dust sheet to protect the floor from any drips or spills.

2 // Fill your old jar with some cold water.

3 // Dip your paint brush a little into the water and then load it up with your Annie Sloan paint.

4 // The Annie Sloan style is not to be pristine (you are not going to get an ikea style finish) it is more about looking rustic and shabby chic. Therefore you literally can whack the paint on any which way, especially for the first coat.

5 // This shelf unit took about 3 coats as it was so dark and I was using white, however two coats would normally do. On the last coat I did start painting in the same direction, just out of personal preference. It's up to you how you want the finish to look.

6 // Each coat takes about 20 minutes to dry, which is pretty quick I think! After your final coat is dry you can then apply the Annie Sloan Wax. You don't need a huge amount, try and tackle little bits at a time - imagine you are applying hand cream. Don't worry if you use too much - you can always wipe away the excess with a cloth.

7 // Admire your handy work!

LV x

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  1. Gorgeous, you did a fab job! I love how you've arranged everything ;)
    xxx Claire

    1. thank you, glad you think it looks ok! LV x

  2. ah amazing, this is so easy! I've never heard of this paint, I've got loads of things I've been meaning to paint. Thanks for the tip, your shelves look great (I love the shoes!).


    1. Seriously, it is the easiest! They come in other pretty colours as well, I've got my eye on dove grey! LV x

  3. You did a great job there, thanks for the tips! x

    1. thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :) glad you don't think it looks too horrendous! LV x

  4. how did you fix your page list/tabs problem ?/ Can you help ?

  5. Looks great! Did you just need the one pot of paint to do this? I'm trying to work out how much I will need! x


    1. oh no, to do this with three coats I used about a third on the can - maybe even a little less. a little really does go a long way. Happy painting, thanks for visiting my blog :) LV x


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