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Clothes: Boyfriend Jeans + bonus ramble

Today was a plain day, plain clothes and plain make-up. I took my new boyfriend jeans for a spin, they are ridiculous comfy (if a little baggy round the waist - Topshop, I am and always have been a size 12 in your jeans...there is no need to vanity size me now). It's quite weird getting used to wearing baggy jeans when I'm normally stuck like glue to my skinnies. 

My make-up was equally basic, just some Bourjois Happy Light Foundation (Porcelain), Bobbi Brown Corrector (Light Bisque), Sleek Eyebrow Kit (just the powder), Lancome Hypnose mascara and a sweep of Mac blush (Pinch O Peach).

In my news, I've booked a holiday. In four weeks I'll be heading to Turkey for a week of sun with my boyfriend (the first time I've been on holiday with a significant other). The moment I pressed 'book' a whole flood of weight loss thoughts came into my head - mainly 'oh shit, I have to lose a tonne of weight'. Coincidentally in the past few days I've read and seen a lot of commentary on the ridiculousness of being 'bikini-ready' (whatever that means). 

It's put my head in a very odd place, on the one hand I feel that I should not bow to the pressure of looking like an artificial ideal but on the other I feel that if I have the body of Miley Cyrus my life will be better and (more worryingly) I will be happier. As a feminist woman I feel as if my desire to lose a stone is a type of betrayal. 

Am I the only person who thinks like this? It has really been on my mind for the last few days. There was something though that made me, for a moment, take things a little less seriously. Lauren Laverne was interviewing Caitlin Moran and the subject of body image came up. Caitlin talked about suddenly 'making peace' with her body, patting it and thinking, 'Oh hello there you are. You've been attached to me for all this time and you've done all these amazing things. Lets be friends.' I think that is a really nice thought.

Anyway! That was an unforeseen ramble. Well, I guess that is kind of what a blog if for! I would like to know anyones opinions on this subject (though I realise it has kind of been done to death...).

LV x
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  1. Love this outfit! So pretty… Where is the top from?
    I think every woman at some point (maybe even the elusive Victoria Secret models?) experience that pang of 'uh oh, Im going to be in a bikini' - so you're not alone. But I think it's so important to accept your current body & love it just as it is. I always wonder what the world would be like if women just accepted their bodies as they are… It's sad how many companies make money from/induce that bikini body fear. Anyway, I'm sure you'll look great (in a non-creepy way), have a lovely time! :) x


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