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Perfume: Budget Scents

The other day I picked up the newest Marc Jacobs Daisy scent and took a shocked gulp when I saw it was £52.00! I regularly forget how pricey perfume can be but after a little hunt around I've found some little gems that won't break the bank and smell rather lovely. 

I've recently been using the Lipsy London Glam (buy here) perfume which is perfect for you sweet scent loving girls. Now I'm no expert so I'm not great at describing fragrances but to a novice it has a gorgeous floral yet sweet scent that isn't too sickly. Its light and fresh feeling is great for spring evening. The bottle isn't really my cup of tea but I currently have this in my bag so it is the scent that counts! It comes in at a reasonable £25.00.

My other current favourite is this beauty from Zara. I believe it was called Zara For Woman and it was only £6.99! I love the packaging, super clean and pretty and the scent is lovely too. This has more of a musky tinge to it but it is beautifully feminine. There is so much choice at Zara, all at the same sort of price points; I'd really recommend having a sniff through all the choices.  

With both fragrances the wear of them is not as long as more expensive perfumes. However if you are looking for a stop gap whilst you're waiting for payday or for something you can just have rattling around in your bag then I would really recommend having a try of some of these less expensive scents. 

LV x

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  1. Wow I didn't realise Zara fragrances were so reasonably priced! Deffo going to have a look in there now :) x

    Cat | LilacGhosts

  2. Oh wow, the Zara perfume sounds right up my street and that's such a great price! I will have to look at that when I next go in! x

    Kathryn | effievanity
    (hope you can enter my spring palette giveaway!)

  3. Love the Zara fragrances, I'm loving Eau De Nude from Next at the moment, so cheap but smells lovely!:) x


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