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Skincare: My Overnight Bag

As I live at home I spend most of my weekends staying either at my boyfriend's or with friends so I have really nailed the overnight bag thing. I have two versions, my one for skincare and my one for make-up. With both I try and keep the contents simple and basic. So first off, here is a peek inside my skincare overnight bag.

I know that face wipes aren't the most effective or eco-friendly way to remove your make-up but when you're looking for something quick and that doesn't include multiply bottles, face wipes really are the only way to go. I'm currently using the Soap and Glory Off Your Face wipes which do the job perfectly and also smell fantastic. Once all my make-up is off I like to use the Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel which is this nifty little product that exfoliates without feeling like you are rubbing a beach on your face. The gel turns into little lumps of dead skin (gross but also fascinating) so you really know it is working. I have the little tester tube which is good for traveling but there is also a larger size for £22.

That is all I do to clean my face, the next step is using some products to treat my skin. If I have any blemishes (which I most likely do) I use a little blob of Nelsons Pure and Clear Blemish Gel which is Tea Tree based and works really well in calming them down. To keep the area around my eyes nicely nourished I use No7 Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm which is just a nice, basic eye gel (to see my full eye routine click here). Finally I finish off with the gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Lipid Recovery Facial Oil which has that classic Sanctuary scent which is perfect for when you want to drift off to sleep. 

And there we have it, I'd love to know any product you have to have in your overnight bag! Look out for the next post of my 'next day make-up' bag. 

LV x
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