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Haircare: Protect and Style

My last post was on what I use to prep and wash my hair (link here) so it was only logical that my next post should be on how I protect and style my barnet. So where were we, I had just washed my hair....

01// L'Oreal Ever Sleek Smoothing Mist Protection Spray I always used to skip using heat protection..because I can be a lazy so-and-so sometimes..but things have changed now (most of the time!). I got this heat spray for the same reason I got the L'Oreal Shampoos - the lack of sulphates. I spritz it over my damp hair, then rough dry my hair, and then spritz again on my dry hair. I think it does really help with the smoothing and hopefully it is making it less fried on the inside.

02// Toni & Guy Hourglass Wand This funny looking thing is currently how I'm adding my curls. It is a little fiddly I'm not going to lie and YOU NEED to use the Michael Jackson style heat protecting glove that comes with it otherwise you get burnt (trust me..I have the scars). However it adds really nice relaxed, beachy curly waves which I'm really liking at the moment.

03// Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Finishing Feed (buy here) This is one of my favourite styling products at the moment and it is something that I never thought I would like - a balm. It at first reminded me of the wax my brother uses in his hair but it is so much more than that. You use a tiny amount, warm it up in your hands and quite lightly smooth it over your hair. It miraculously smoothes, removes frizz and sets my curls perfectly. Pretty ideal!

What do you think? What are your top protecting and styling products?

LV x
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