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Haircare: Prep and Wash

Ever since going for the 'chop' a few months ago I've been trying to keep my newly healthy hair in good condition. That has meant introducing a few new haircare products into my routine and the results have been pretty great (if I say so myself).

01// Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Pre-wash Treatment (buy here) This was the first pre-wash treatment that I've used and I'm really glad I tried it out - my hair really feels the benefits. As the name suggests, you use it on your dry hair before you wash it. I applied mine the night before I was going to wash my hair however you can put it on just 45 mins before. It is kind of bizarre putting it on dry hair but it is not greasy at all so it shouldn't transfer to your bedding or anything (though I used an old pillow just in case). In the morning I then rinse it through in the shower and then get on with the shampooing. 

02// L'Oreal EverPure Colour Care and Smoothing Shampoo I picked this shampoo because I liked how it didn't contain any sulphates (which my hairdresser has always told me to stay away from, that and parabens). The consistency is really creamy and it lathers up really well - so much so that I usually don't feel I need a second wash. 

03// L'Oreal EverPure Colour Care and Smoothing Conditioner This is such a lovely product, it has a very rich feel to it and has a fresh minty smell similar to that of the Avenda Shampure range. I use it just on my mid to end sections of my hair and leave it on for around 3-5 mins (depending on my patience). It rinses out easily and is great for detangling. 

I'm really loving this routine at the moment, I find that my hair feel a lot healthy and has much more shine to it. I really should use the Pre-wash Treatment more as I find it really does make a difference but I often forget! That would be the one down side of that product - maybe not great for lazy girls like me. 

I'll be doing another post about how I style my hair and the products that I use - so look out for that!

LV x

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  1. Except for some argan oil, I've only tried the Charles Worthington pre treat balm as a before treatment. I wonder how the two compare. Have you tried the CW?

    1. I haven't tried any CW stuff other than the Texturising Spray I just got so I can't really compare, I do want to try more though so I'll look out for it! LV x


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