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Skincare: Lacura and Jurlique Serums

Mmmm lovely, lovely serums. I've always had a rocky relationship with moisturisers - don't get me wrong I've tried some lovely ones but sometimes I find them a little too heavy or greasy. That is why I really like serums, they provide a lovely light moisturising feel that you can even wear under make-up. They also can contain particular benefits such as intense hydration or anti-ageing. So I thought I'd do a little comparison of the most recent serums I have been using, they are both at quite different prices and have different focuses but I thought it might be nice to combine the reviews. 

Lacura Aqua-Complete Serum - For those of you who don't already know, Lacura is Aldi's skincare and cosmetic brand. This serum cost £3.49 which fits in with Aldi's value ethos, but 'is it any good?' I hear you say. Well yes I must say it is rather great. It has the consistency of a light moisturiser and has a light floral fragrance. It is a really great hydrating product, it melts into the skin and after a few days of using I felt my skin was notably more hydrated - fewer dry patches and feelings of tightness. On a not quite so important point, the frosted glass packaging feels really high end. 

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum (buy here) - Now for something a little more high end. At £45 this Jurlique Serum isn't going to be at everyone's price point though, boy, does it pack a punch. I recently turned 24 and (as per my new year's resolutions) I'm starting to think about the dreaded ageing process. The first signs I have seen on myself are fine lines around my eyes and indented lines on my forehead (you know when you raise your eyebrows and your forehead lines...yer, mine don't really ever go). Nothing major but I wanted to try out something targeted for them. 
This serum is thinner than the Lacura serum and has a stronger herbal-ly, floral-ly fragrance which I personally really like. It sinks into the skin nicely but leaves a slightly tacky feeling, though this doesn't particularly both me. What I have been so pleased with though is improvements it has made on my fine eye lines and the glowy, plump effect it gives to my entire face. 

So as you can tell I really like using both of these serums. I like to use the Lacura serum in the mornings as a nice moisture boost and then I have the Jurlique serum as more of a treatment before I go to bed. I'm currently really loving this routine and I'm especially happy with Jurlique results. Happy me! 

LV x

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  1. I turn 24 this year too, so am more conscious of my skin getting older. I think I might have to invest in the Jurlique serum x

  2. Im definitely in the market for a new serum.. I turned 25 end of november >.< i want to try the aldi one first and see how that works out.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'


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